Changes to Curry Ford West

If you live close to the new Hourglass District, you are likely thrilled to see the many changes and updates happening to the area. Well, we have more good news!

On April 16th, residents and businesses gathered for future planning for the “Curry Ford Study Area,” or “Curry Ford West,”  which extends from Cloverlawn Avenue to Dixie Belle Drive, and approximately a quarter-mile to the north and south of Curry Ford Road. The city’s consultant presented a summary of the previous workshop and survey, an overview of the area’s existing land use, transportation and utilities, and visuals for the future development potential of the area, including alternative roadway and streetscape configurations.

To find out more or if you want to add input, take the survey online to provide feedback on what improvements you’d like to see in the Curry Ford Area, as well as what you believe are the area’s biggest challenges, go to

Also, for updates, you can follow Curry Ford West on Facebook at

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