Try the New Hourglass District


If you have not recently driven down Curry Ford Road, near Bumby Avenue in Orlando, it is worth taking the time to see this development. Now referred to as “The Hourglass District,” boutique restaurants and coffee shops are turning this location into a great place for a date night. “The goal is always to keep […]

A Baseball & Civil Rights Reunion

baseball 2

Racial segregation dominated the South in 1955, but a group of Little League baseball players from Pensacola and Orlando stepped onto a Central Florida field that summer in an act that changed not only the way that sports are played but supported a powerful transformation in the very fabric of our community. On April 10th, […]

Hourglass District is Changing Bumby and Curry Ford

elise sabatino

Is it possible to flip an entire block, street, or even a district? Developer team, Giovanni Fernandez and Elise Sabatino, believe so. Fernandez and Sabatino are not only the owners of National Real Estate, but are also husband and wife. I had an opportunity to spend some time with Giovanni in his loft-style Milk District offices and he was […]