Communities Unite After Irma

ryanWe hope you have completely recovered from Hurricane Irma! At one point, Hurricane Irma was the strongest hurricanes the National Hurricane Center has ever recorded in the Atlantic; it was moving as a Category 5 storm. Irma hit the Florida Keys as a Category 4 hurricane and later the mainland as a Category 3.

Of course, by the time it hit us, we experienced Category 2 winds for hour after hour. And then, the cleanup began. Our family carefully assessed the damage the next morning along with neighbors and friends who stayed outside all day, cleaning and sawing and helping each other.

Although no one likes a hurricane, I have to admit that I am always encouraged as I see communities come together the next day. The children on our street worked alongside adults. Men and women of all ages pitched in to share food, lend a hand, and remove debris.

That togetherness did not end after the piles of debris formed on our street. Even over the next few weeks, everyone worked together to help those who lost power or who did not have running water. We saw volunteers from all over the country rush to Florida to help restore power and we even witnessed companies giving away free food and gas.

Has your community come together after Hurricane Irma?