Hourglass District is Changing Bumby and Curry Ford

hourglass1Is it possible to flip an entire block, street, or even a district? Developer team, Giovanni Fernandez and Elise Sabatino, believe so. Fernandez and Sabatino are not only the owners of National Real Estate, but are also husband and wife.

I had an opportunity to spend some time with Giovanni in his loft-style Milk District offices and he was willing to share the man plans he and his team have for The Hourglass District, located at Curry Ford and Bumby.

Fernandez shares his vision for a walking district with outdoor seating and upscale vendors such as Foxtail Coffee Co., as well as Tamale Co.’s. Fernandez and Sabatino have purchased 4.5 acres of property on the north and south sides of Curry Ford Road near Bumby Avenue, and their plans include:

  • Tony’s Auto will be transformed into a fish market, featuring local fresh fish with an adjoining restaurant market concept.
  • A wood-fired pizza restaurant.
  • A market with a bakery,
  • An upscale coffee and eatery.
  • The gas station on the corner is being renovated but will stick with its original use, with an added gas attendant booth for full-service.
  • Potential for revolving food truck station in the former car wash with small retail uses.
  • Removing an existing home and replacing it with a cluster of micro-housing for artists and local creatives who are looking for something with less of a footprint.
  • Making the area more walkable and pedestrian friendly with nice landscapes and patios.
  • Building large luxury homes 500k+ on large lots on the north side of Curry Ford Rd behind the building where the coffee shop is. It will have a Baldwin park feel but with more land.

elise sabatinoSpending time with Giovanni and his team is similar to spending time with a motivational speaker. His energy and excitement for this development is contagious and I have certainly caught the bug! I cannot wait to see how this development, along with the new school in our area, changes home prices and even the overall look and feel of the entire neighborhood.Giovanni has flipped me and he is flipping the area around Curry Ford and Bumby, so be sure to drive by and take a peak. As Giovanni said, “We know a company like Foxtail Coffee will be a big draw. It is state-of-the-art and we believe the whole district can be the same.”