How will the New President Affect the Real Estate Market?

As a realtor, one question I have heard quite often lately is, “Will the presidential election affect the sale of my home?” Other questions include, “Should I wait a few months to sell my home?” or “Do you expect home prices to change now that Trump has taken office?”

Everyone wants to know how the inauguration will affect the real estate market. While I am not an economist, I can offer this advice:

First, most of the reaction to the new president has already taken place. Second, the market, particularly the real estate market, is based highly on consumer confidence. Right now, based on multiple factors, consumer confidence is high.

This is good news for people who are thinking about making a change. When consumer confidence is high, sellers are willing to sell and buyers are willing to buy. Houses in the Orlando area are only staying on the market an average of 66 days. Due to low inventory and high confidence, there is no need to wait and see what happens with a new president.

Spring is coming soon! Confidence is high. It is time to sell! The new president should not change that in the next few months.trump