Is it too late to list my home?

00taulbeesThe kids are back in school. August is coming to an end. Does this mean it’s too late to list my home? Should I wait until January?

In many northern states, where Fall and Winter mean harsh weather and shoveling snow, the real estate market halts completely. Realtors advise their clients to wait until Spring to list their home. However, Florida is a unique market for many reasons:

  • Florida’s weather in the fall and winter months is mild.
  • People move to the Central Florida area for many reasons, including escaping the cold, so the market is not solely dependent on the school year.
  • Florida is home to many international buyers.
  • Florida has not traditionally “closed for business” in the winter months.

Although we generally see a slight dip in sales during the fall and winter months, homes are selling very quickly, even in August. The last three houses I listed sold in under two weeks. Now is a GOOD TIME to list your home! Please let me know if you have questions about the timing of placing your home on the market.