Upgrades to Do Now

living roomAfter working with sellers for almost twenty years, I have heard it all! But one phrase I hear often is, “Why didn’t we complete these projects BEFORE it was time to sell?” Men and women often have to prepare their house for sale and when they do, they step back and say, “Wow! We really have a gorgeous house!”

My advice is… Don’t wait until it’s time to sell your home to enjoy it. Complete a few inexpensive and easy renovations today so you can enjoy your home. Here are the simple renovations sellers generally make to get a house in tip top shape:

1.) Minor Repairs to Walls and Doors
Minor repairs around your house are easy to ignore when demands of a busy schedule take over. But if you schedule a Saturday to complete all of those nicks, dents, and scratches, you will be amazed how much newer your home appears.

2.) Updated Paint
A coat of paint is one the most inexpensive and satisfying changes a homeowner can make. To ensure a quality color, I recommend using one of the “Top Colors” from a reputable list. This way, you are sure to choose a color that is tried and true. An example of a trusted list is one from House and Home like this one.

3.) Fresh Mulch
With Spring just around the corner, a fresh covering of mulch in your flowerbeds can improve your curb appeal.

4.) Improved Lighting
Whether choosing a better bulb or newer light fixture, lighting makes a difference. From cleaning the windows to buying a new lamp in a dark corner of the house, light and bright not only sells, it makes you feel great!

5.) De-clutter and Deep Clean
Homeowners are encouraged by realtors to declutter their home so sellers feel comfortable, but guess what? Decluttering will help you feel more at ease in your own home.

The good news is… you can complete most of these repairs in one weekend. Gather the family and pretend you are selling your home. Get it ready for the buyer before it’s time to sell.