4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Vacation

jeff and vicki

As many of you know, Vicki and I recently celebrated 10 wonderful years of marriage. We went to the Hard Rock All-Inclusive Resort.on the Mayan Riviera

As the parents of three children, we did not want to waste our vacation time on the airplane, so we chose a resort close to home and we stuck to our budget!

Here are a few tips to saving money when going to an all-inclusive resort.

1.) Use a travel agent.

I know, I know. What year is it? 1988? Who uses travel agents? The answer, we found, is anyone who wants to save money. Our good friend is a travel agent and since he is part of multiple clubs, he was able to find an unbelievable room at an incredible price.

2.) Book during the low season.

September through November is known as the “low season” for all-inclusive resorts. Whether you book online or find an agent, this is a great way to save money while still enjoying beautiful weather.

3.) Do not carry a large amount of cash during excursions.

Once you arrive at the resort, you will undoubtedly book some excursions such as bike-riding or snorkeling. It is tempting to load up on souvenirs that you will never use, but we found that we were happier when we carried very little cash and just focused on enjoying the moment rather than shopping. However, we carried so little cash that we only had $5.00 on the last day and that was pushing it a bit!

4.) Bring the hotel water and granola bars on excursions.

The hotel water is free and Vicki’s homemade snacks were perfect for us while touring. Of course, we enjoyed some wonderful meals while we were there, but we saved money by bringing some snacks outside the hotel.